Star Princess - Book - Sample Chapters
       Chapter One
       Chapter Two
       Chapter Three

About Rick Raygunn
Chapter 1: Graduation
Chapter 2: The Alien Ship
Chapter 3: The Prisoner!
Chapter 4: The Pirate!
Chapter 5: Escape!
Chapter 6: The Hunted!
Chapter 7: Starfall
Chapter 8: Planetfall
Chapter 9: Contact
Chapter 10: Trapped!
Chapter 11: Out of the frying pan. . .
Chapter 12: . . .into the fire!
Chapter 13: Mindgames
Chapter 14: Mindgames Pt. II
Chapter 15: Mindgames Pt. III
Chapter 16: Rick Raygunn - Pirate!
Chapter 17: Moondive
Chapter 18: Reunion
Chapter 19: Strange Company
Chapter 20: A Pirate's Life for Me
Chapter 21: Meanwhile . . .
Chapter 22: . . . Elsewhere
Chapter 23: The Plot Thickens
Chapter 24: Death at 36K
Chapter 25: Doppelganger
Chapter 26: Justice Gunn
Chapter 27: The Copperhead

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All works presented here are first drafts, and are considered works in progress.
Comments, critiques, and suggestions are welcome thru
e-mail at ralph -at- blakslee -dot- com

Vampires of Dawn
       Work In Progress

City of Shadows - Book - Sample Chapters
       Chapter One
       Chapter Two
       Chapter Three

City of Demons
The Wedding

About The Goddess Stone
Chapter 1: Betrayal
Chapter 2: Discovery
Chapter 3: Reunion
Chapter 4: Roark
Chapter 5: Witch's Brew
Chapter 6: Night's Danger
Chapter 7: The Gathering

Why become a Minister?
Belief, Faith, and Facts
Existence, Reality, & Spirituality
Journey - Part the First

Hypnotic World
Writing Skills Suggestion Script

Everquest II
Dark Age of Camelot
My DAoC characters
About the domain name

Pool Games
Tennis Games
Sad Quotes
Puzzle Games
Battleship Game


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